How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs | Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

Adding Jibbitz to your Crocs can be an easy and fun way to inject some personality into an otherwise plain pair of shoes. Whether you’re looking for a cool fashion statement or just don’t want your beloved footwear to blend in, adding some Jibbitz can give any pair of Crocs the perfect finishing touch—and it’s really simple too. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to put Jibbitz on Crocs shoes so keep reading for all the details.


What Are Crocs?

Before discovering how to put Jibbitz on Crocs, Crocs are a type of lightweight plastic shoe that has become popular in recent years for its comfort and style. The unique design, which features holes in the sides to let air circulate around your feet, provides superior ventilation and lets you stay comfortable all day long. The material is also waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor activities like gardening or beach days. Crocs come in a variety of colors and styles to match any outfit or occasion.

What Are Crocs?
What Are Crocs?

What Are Jibbitz?

Jibbitz are small charms that can be added to the holes on Croc shoes to personalize them with a fun flair. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs so you can mix and match them to create unique looks. Jibbitz are also easily interchangeable so you can switch out your design whenever you want.

What Are The Customization Possibilities With Jibbitz?

The unique thing about Crocs is that they come with inbuilt customization options. You can add Jibbitz to them to give them a unique look or make them stand out from the crowd. These little charms fit securely into the holes of your shoes, allowing you to customize your shoes any way you want. From iconic symbols like peace signs and hearts, to fun cartoon characters and sports teams logos—there’s no limit when it comes to personalizing your Crocs.

How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs?

So how to put Jibbitz on Crocs? Putting Jibbitz on Crocs is an easy and fun way to customize your shoes in under five minutes. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Choose your Jibbitz – Start by selecting the perfect set of Jibbitz that will go with your outfit or occasion. Make sure they fit the size of holes in your Crocs for a snug fit (most standard-sized Jibbitz will work).
  2. Place the jebbit on top of a hole – Take one jebbit and place it on top of a hole in your croc shoe.
  3. Push down firmly – Use your fingers to press the jebbit firmly into the hole until it is secure. Repeat this step for each jebbit you’d like to add to your shoes.
  4. Enjoy your new look. – Once all the Jibbitz are securely in place, enjoy your fashionable new look.  

How To Choose The Right Jibbitz For Crocs?

When it comes to choosing the perfect Jibbitz for your Crocs, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, make sure the Jibbitz fit the size of holes in your shoes for a snug fit (most standard-sized Jibbitz will work). Next, take into account what kind of style or look you’re going for. For example, if you’re looking for something fun and playful consider adding cartoon characters or sports teams logos. Or if you prefer a more classic look try adding iconic symbols like peace signs and hearts. Finally, don’t forget to mix and match different shapes and sizes of Jibbitz to get creative with your designs.

Where To Place The Jibbitz On Your Shoes?

Once you’ve learned how to put Jibbitz on Crocs and decided what Jibbitz to buy, it’s time to figure out where to place them on your shoes. You can add Jibbitz in any of the holes located around the edges of your Crocs (or even inside the shoe). For a classic look, we recommend placing them in an even pattern around all four sides of your feet. To get creative with your design, consider creating patterns or shapes with different sizes and colors of Jibbitz.

Where To Place The Jibbitz On Your Shoes?
Where To Place The Jibbitz On Your Shoes?

What Are Pros And Cons To Put Jibbitz On Crocs?


– Fun and creative way to customize your shoes

– Easy to switch out design whenever you want

– Wide range of colors, shapes and sizes available

– Can be used to create unique patterns or designs on the sides of your Crocs


– Jibbitz can come off if they’re not securely in place

– Have to buy new Jibbitz each time you want a different look

– Not all Jibbitz fit all holes in Crocs (so make sure the size is right)

What Are Tips For Carefully Locking The Jibbitz In Place?

When it comes to putting Jibbitz on Crocs, one of the most important steps is making sure they’re securely in place. Here are some tips for carefully locking them in:

– Push the jebbit firmly into the hole with your fingers until it’s secure

– If you can, try adding a little bit of glue or putty around the edges of each jibbit to ensure they stay in place

– Make sure all Jibbitz fit snugly into the holes before wearing them out and about.

What Are Creative Ideas For Using Jibbitz On Crocs?

There are lots of creative and unique ways to use Jibbitz on Crocs. You could try creating a pattern or shape with different sizes and colors of Jibbitz, or add cartoon characters and sports team logos for a fun look. You can also mix and match different Jibbitz to create something totally unique—the possibilities are endless.

What Are Creative Ideas For Using Jibbitz On Crocs?
What Are Creative Ideas For Using Jibbitz On Crocs?

Conclusion: How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs?

Finding out how to put Jibbitz on Crocs is an easy and fun way to customize your shoes in under five minutes. Just select the perfect set of Jibbitz, place them on top of a hole in your croc shoe, press firmly with your fingers until they’re secure, add a little bit of glue or putty around the edges to make sure they stay in place and voila. You have a fashionable new look. With the wide range of sizes, colors and design options available, you can mix and match Jibbitz to create something totally unique—so get creative and enjoy your one-of-a-kind style.

FAQs: Crocs

Can you put Jibbitz on all Crocs?

Jibbitz charms are versatile accessories that can be used on both kid- and adult-sized Crocs, as well as baby Crocs. Not limited to Crocs-brand shoes, these charms can also be used with other shoe brands. Clip-on Jibbitz charms are compatible with most lace-up shoes, while tie-on Jibbitz charms can be attached to various types of shoe straps. With Jibbitz, you have endless options to personalize and enhance your footwear.

Which way do you face Jibbitz?

Discover multiple ways to style your Jibbitz charms. Whether you prefer to face them towards the people you walk past or directly towards yourself, it’s all about personal preference. No rules, just your unique style shining through!

How many Jibbitz holes are on Crocs?

Featuring 13 holes on each Crocs Classic, you have the option to sport up to 26 at once. Let your imagination run wild and explore the endless possibilities of where you can rock these versatile shoes!

Are Crocs charms removable?

Carefully twist and lift the edges of the charm with one hand while using your other hand to gently push it from the inner side. It’s important not to simply pull from the outside as this could potentially cause damage to your charm. By following these steps, the charm should easily pop out without any harm, allowing you to effortlessly replace it with another one.

How much did Crocs pay for Jibbitz?

Upon returning home later in the day, Rich, the entrepreneurial husband, was delighted by the joyous sight before him. In that very moment, he astutely perceived the immense business potential of harnessing the market success of Crocs. Merely a year later, Crocs acquired Jibbitz for a staggering $20 million.

Why are Crocs so expensive?

Crocs are crafted from Croslite, an exquisite material that comes at a premium cost. This material, however, forms the bedrock of their triumph. The exorbitant price tag of Crocs can be attributed to their exceptional durability, unrivaled comfort, distinctive design, and the sheer power of their brand.

Are Crocs 100% rubber?

Crocs, those unique shoes that spark debates about their composition. Some refer to them as rubber, others as foam or resin. Interestingly, they are not classified as plastic. At the core, Crocs are crafted from Croslite, a distinctive material. Delving deeper, you’ll discover that Croslite is primarily composed of polyethylene vinyl acetate, or PEVA.

Which country made Crocs?

Crocs, Inc., headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, is an American footwear company known for its iconic foam clogs. Specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of the Crocs brand, the company has established itself as a prominent player in the industry.

Do Crocs sink in water?

Moreover, children absolutely love donning their colorful and comfortable Crocs while splashing around in the water, thanks to their incredible buoyancy. These versatile shoes not only provide a sense of style but also offer a fun and secure experience for kids, allowing them to confidently explore and enjoy their aquatic adventures.

Do Crocs lose grip?

Crocs are a fantastic choice of footwear. However, like most shoes, their soles tend to wear down with time and use. In this Instructable, you will learn how to effectively revive the grips on the bottom of your Crocs using a soldering iron. Follow these steps to give your Crocs a new lease of life and maintain their functionality and comfort.

Are Crocs good for your feet?

However, it is important to note that Crocs do not provide adequate arch support. Therefore, foot specialists do not recommend wearing them for activities such as exercising, walking for long durations, or working. Additionally, the plastic material of Crocs may cause feet to become sweaty, smelly, and potentially even result in blisters.

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