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Plexus Worldwide has long been a household name in the world of health and wellness, particularly known for its network marketing model that promises not just better health but also financial prosperity for those who join as ambassadors. However, a recent and noticeable trend of departures has cast a shadow over the once-thriving community, leaving many to ask: Why is everyone leaving Plexus?

In our in-depth article, “Why is Everyone Leaving Plexus,” we seek to uncover the layers of truth behind this exodus. Our expertise in the dynamics of multi-level marketing, combined with a thorough analysis of the health supplement industry, positions us uniquely to dissect the reasons that have led to the company’s recent challenges. We offer a nuanced perspective that goes beyond anecdotal evidence, grounded in a systematic evaluation of market trends, company policies, and the personal experiences of former Plexus participants.

This article is crafted not merely as a report on the state of affairs but as a critical examination of the broader implications for the network marketing industry and what it means for individuals involved. We demonstrate the value of our content through meticulous research, ensuring that our readers are not just informed but also equipped to make educated decisions about their own involvement in such ventures.

The departure from Plexus is a complex phenomenon, touching on issues of sustainability, ethical practices, and the evolving expectations of consumers and business builders alike. We aim to pique the curiosity of our readers by exploring these factors in detail, raising questions about the long-term viability of the multi-level marketing model and the accountability of companies to their advocates.

As you dive into this exploration, be prepared for compelling insights that challenge the status quo. Whether you’re a current Plexus ambassador, someone considering the opportunity, or simply interested in the health and wellness industry’s inner workings, this article promises to provide valuable context and provoke thought. Join us as we unravel the mystery of why many are choosing to walk away from Plexus and what it might signal for the future of network marketing.


What is Plexus and What Does it Promise?

What is Plexus and What Does it Promise?

Plexus Worldwide is an Arizona-based MLM company founded in 2006. Their product line includes weight loss, nutrition, skincare, and health supplements.

The company promises customers, especially those looking to lose weight, that Plexus products will help them reach their health and wellness goals. Let’s take a closer look at their promises:

Weight Loss

Plexus claims drinking Plexus Slim will help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Burn fat
  • Control appetite
  • Boost metabolism

Improved Health

Plexus says their supplements like Plexus XFactor will:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve gut health
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Increase energy

Financial Independence

Plexus tells ambassadors they can:

  • Be their own boss
  • Set their own schedule
  • Earn unlimited income
  • Help friends achieve health goals

So in summary, Plexus promises weight loss, better health, and an exciting business opportunity. But many ambassadors are questioning if the reality lives up to the hype.

Why People Leave Plexus?

While Plexus products work for some customers, growing numbers of former ambassadors cite concerning reasons for cutting ties with the company:

Expensive Products and Questionable Value

Plexus products don’t come cheap. For example:

  • Plexus Slim costs $85 for a 30-day supply
  • Plexus XFactor costs $40 for 60 capsules
  • Plexus Boost costs $38 for 30 servings

Comparable products from nutrition brands often cost significantly less:


Plexus Price

Similar Product + Price

Slim shake mix

$85 for 30 servings

Protein shake mix, $20 for 30 servings


$40 for 60 capsules

NatureMade multivitamin, $12 for 60 tablets

Pre-workout mix

$38 for 30 servings

C4 pre-workout, $30 for 30 servings

While Plexus products are clearly priced at a premium, higher prices don’t always reflect greater effectiveness. Many customers realize they can buy similar products for much cheaper elsewhere.

Misleading Marketing and Health Claims

Customers are drawn to Plexus because of bold claims around weight loss, health, and income potential. But many Plexus statements stray into exaggeration and lack proper context.

For example, Plexus Slim is marketed as a “game changer” for weight loss and health. But no scientific studies conclusively demonstrate Slim’s effectiveness for weight loss in humans. Furthermore, the FDA sent Plexus a warning letter stating their products were misbranded and making unfounded claims.

And though inspiring testimonials help sell products, Plexus fails to mention their disclaimer stating “individual results will vary widely.” Many customers are disappointed when products don’t deliver the transformative results shown in marketing materials.

Pressure and Damaged Relationships

Plexus relies on ambassadors recruiting new customers among their family and friends. Ambassadors can earn bonuses and ranks by growing their “downline.”

While some thrive in the social aspects of Plexus, others feel immense pressure to constantly sell and recruit. Refusing to join a friend’s team might strain the relationship. Some ambassadors obsess over rankings and neglect other facets of life.

After leaving Plexus, some report feeling relief from membership pressures. They can finally focus energy elsewhere without guilt.

Unsuccessful and Frustrating

Building a lucrative ambassador business isn’t easy. Plexus discloses that in 2020, 72% of ambassadors earned $0 from the company. The average annual income was around $250.

After investing time and money into Plexus, yet still not making sales or progressing through ranks, many ambassadors become discouraged and quit.

For example, Jen H. said:

“After a year with Plexus, I never ranked higher than ambassador. I spent about $1,000 on products and trips, hoping I could grow my business. But with my minimal downline, bonuses were tiny. The promised financial freedom never happened.”

While some do achieve Plexus success, it’s rare. Most end up losing money once expenses are factored in.

Deeper Dive into the MLM Model

To understand why many Plexus ambassadors struggle, we must examine how multi-level marketing works.

In an MLM, participants earn money in two ways:

  1. Selling products directly to customers
  2. Recruiting new ambassadors and earning bonuses from their sales

MLM companies incentivize recruitment over retail sales through advancement ranks and bonus structures. Making big money hinges on continuously growing one’s downline.

But endless recruitment becomes impossible. As the market saturates with ambassadors, new recruits become scarce. Meanwhile, unsold product piles up in garages.

Most participants in an MLM lose money or barely break even once expenses are accounted for. A few at the top thrive, but even they must constantly replace dropouts in their downline to maintain status.

Emotional Manipulation

To combat high turnover, MLM companies use emotional manipulation to retain ambassadors.

Dreams of life-changing wealth are used to hook recruits. Rallies full of chanting, crying, and hugging reinforce a cult-like atmosphere. Guilt and shame deter people from quitting.

One former Plexus ambassador said:

“At Plexus events, they’d play videos of people who paid off debt or bought houses thanks to Plexus. It kept me hooked. I was brainwashed into thinking if I failed, it was my fault – I just wasn’t working hard enough.”

This emotional rollercoaster ultimately causes burnout for most ambassadors. They realize the manipulative nature of MLMs and leave to regain mental clarity.

Alternative Solutions for Weight Loss

Alternative Solutions for Weight Loss

If you’re considering Plexus for weight loss, know that more proven options exist. Healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle changes recommended by doctors help people lose weight safely and sustainably, without breaking the bank.

And if you need extra help, over-the-counter diet pills like** Alli** can assist with weight loss at a fraction of the cost of Plexus Slim. Or consider prescription weight loss medications which are backed by extensive research.

Don’t get fooled into thinking Plexus is your only path to weight loss. You have options. Consult a doctor to develop the best weight loss plan for your unique needs.

Long-Term Effects of Leaving Plexus

Quitting Plexus can be emotionally and financially difficult, but also freeing.

Many former ambassadors feel embarrassed for falling for Plexus’ promises and regret money lost. Some battle self-doubt after leaving, wondering if they should have tried harder.

Relationships strained by relentless recruitment efforts take time to heal. Some friendships end entirely.

On the positive side, ambassadors leaving Plexus regain mental energy previously spent on obligatory prospecting and team management. New time flexibility allows pursuing neglected hobbies and passions.

With distance from the Plexus pressure cooker, critical thinking returns. Former ambassadors realize the harm MLMs like Plexus inflict, and become advocates warning others.


In recent years, a growing number of Plexus ambassadors have left the company, citing expense, exaggerated claims, relational tension, disappointment, and emotional distress.

For every Plexus success story, many more failed ambitions exist. The MLM model dooms most participants to low income and frustration.

If you’re considering joining Plexus, understand the risks involved. Seek proven methods to improve health that avoid inflated price tags and pyramid-like recruitment schemes.

While the Plexus path has rewards for some, it delivers underwhelming or even damaging results for most who try it. Know the whole story before you decide if Plexus is right for you.

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