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In a world where fast food has become a staple of daily life, the Subway footlong has emerged as an iconic choice for those seeking a quick, customizable, and satisfying meal. The question “How Much Is Subway Footlong?” might seem straightforward, but the answer encapsulates a story of fluctuating economics, promotional campaigns, and regional price variations. This article is your definitive guide to understanding the pricing of one of the most famous sandwiches in the world.

With years of experience analyzing fast-food pricing trends and a keen eye on the sandwich industry, we present an authoritative exploration of the factors that determine the cost of a Subway footlong. From the impact of ingredient costs to the influence of location on pricing, we delve into the nuances that affect how much you pay at the counter.

The value of this article extends beyond mere numbers. It serves as a lens through which to view the broader dynamics of the fast-food market. We’ll discuss how Subway has navigated economic challenges to keep their footlongs accessible, and we’ll examine the brand’s strategies in response to consumer demand and competitive pressures.

As you continue reading, prepare to have your curiosity satisfied not only about the price you pay for a footlong but also about the economic journey behind each sandwich’s creation. Whether you are a budget-conscious college student, a busy parent looking for a family meal deal, or simply a fan of Subway’s offerings, this article is tailored to enhance your understanding and appreciation of what goes into pricing one of the world’s favorite sandwiches. Join us as we unravel the mystery of Subway footlong pricing, and perhaps, you’ll discover more reasons to love your next sandwich purchase.


Understanding the Subway Footlong Pass

Understanding the Subway Footlong Pass

Subway offers a Footlong Pass that allows customers to redeem one footlong sub per day for 30 days. The current cost of a Footlong Pass is $59.99.

The key features and rules around the Footlong Pass include:

  • Valid for 30 days from first use
  • Redeemable online or in-store
  • Applicable to all footlong subs except Double Meat and Deluxe subs
  • Cannot be combined with other coupons or offers

The Pass does not have blackout dates and applies to subs from both the Subway Series and Subway Classic menus. An additional benefit is getting any footlong as a meal with a drink and chips or cookies for no extra cost.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

To determine if the Footlong Pass offers savings compared to purchasing subs individually, we need to analyze Subway’s footlong prices.

On the Subway Series menu, footlong subs range from $6.99 for Black Forest Ham up to $8.99 for Steak & Cheese:

Subway Series Footlong Sub


Black Forest Ham


Meatball Marinara


Oven Roasted Chicken


Steak & Cheese


The Subway Classic menu has footlong subs ranging from $8.99 for Veggie Delite up to $10.99 for Oven Roasted Chicken:

Subway Classic Footlong Sub


Veggie Delite


Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki


Oven Roasted Chicken


On average, a footlong sub costs $8 on the Subway Series menu and $10 from the Classic options.

With the $59.99 Pass, a customer would break even after:

  • 8 Subway Series subs ($59.99/8 = ~$7.50 per sub)
  • 6 Subway Classic subs ($59.99/10 = ~$10 per sub)

Therefore, customers who eat at least 8-12 footlongs in a month can save money with the Pass compared to paying individually.

Alternatives to the Footlong Pass

Besides the Pass, what other ways can Subway customers save on footlong sandwiches?

The Subway MyWay Rewards loyalty program offers points that can be redeemed for free food. For example, 200 points would give a free 6-inch sub. Compared to the Pass, MyWay Rewards do not guarantee the same level of savings for frequent footlong buyers.

Subway also provides mobile app coupons and promotions like $2 off any footlong sub. While helpful, these discounts may only apply to one or two purchases rather than daily savings like the Pass.

Global Footlong Price Variations

Global Footlong Price Variations

It’s interesting to note the significant price differences for Subway footlongs globally:

  • Most expensive countries include Australia at ~$9.29 USD and Switzerland at ~$8.59 USD for chicken subs.
  • The cheapest footlong prices are found in India at only ~$2.51 USD and Poland at ~$2.71 USD.
  • The average footlong sub costs ~$5.02 USD worldwide based on a 2021 analysis.

Pricing variations can be attributed to factors like currency exchange rates, local food costs, and considerations for each country’s average incomes.

Subway Menu with Prices

Beyond footlong and 6-inch subs, Subway also offers:

  • Wraps like Chicken Caesar and Chicken & Bacon Ranch starting at $6.99
  • Salads like the Veggie Delite and Turkey starting at $5.99
  • Breakfast options like the Egg White & Spinach Flatbread and Steak, Egg & Cheese Sub from $4.99 to $8.49

Popular footlong subs and their prices include:

  • Italian B.M.T – $8.99
  • Meatball Marinara – $6.99
  • Oven Roasted Chicken – $10.99
  • Veggie Delite – $8.99

Considering Health

While tasty and affordable, Subway footlongs can be high in calories, fat, and sodium if not carefully customized. The classic Meatball Marinara footlong has ~960 calories and 38g of fat for example. This demonstrates the importance of balance and moderation when frequently consuming fast food.


For Subway fans who enjoy footlongs multiple times per month, the $59.99 Footlong Pass can provide worthwhile savings compared to paying individually. But those less frequent Subway customers may benefit more from coupons, loyalty rewards, or finding a sub buddy to split the Pass. And regardless of price, nutrition should be evaluated to promote long-term health when regularly eating fast food. Identifying your budget, tastes, and health goals is key to determine if Subway’s footlong subs are a good value-driven option or pricier than they need to be.

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